Others in Arms:
UBATS' List of Organizations Advocating for Accessible Signage

This page is not affiliated in any way with the corporate entity known as Talking Signs, Inc.. The United Blind Advocates of Talking Signs, UBATS, is a loose association of individuals who are working, formally and informally, to assert our right to accessible signage by: educating the blind/low vision community about RIAS; advocating that Talking Signs be accorded the same priority that is accorded iconic/visual signage; and agitating for the immediate installation of a technology which, for 25 years has consistently proved to be the most advantageous, revolutionary, and liberating way-finding technology yet devised. In short, we wish not only to become regular, or even heavy, users of Talking Sign technology--we want to be addicts. Please send comments, corrections, testimonials, complaints, and court notices to <webmaster@ubats.org>

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