Signs are the keys to our civilization. -- Josh Miele

Who Are UBATS?

Give Us a Sign, by Jeff Moyer
So what about talking signs? It has been rigorously demonstrated through years of serious independent research that with remote infrared audible signage we can independently become oriented to unfamiliar places, cross streets safely while staying in the crosswalk, create mental maps that translate to a broader orientation and enjoy a type of freedom that the sighted community just takes for granted. Orientation to public places is a civil right, as surely as getting into the building or using the telephone. Yet, when you look around you, where are the talking signs?

Talking Signs: The Scientific "View", by Jim Marston
For the first time in the history of humanity a technological device is finally available to give vision-impaired people access to spatial and environmental cues. As the installation of these devices grows, many questions need to be answered to ensure that limited resources are spent wisely and efficiently. The impacts of Remote Infrared Audible Signage (RIAS) will affect all aspects of travel and access to urban opportunities. This research helps answer the most relevant questions needed to understand the benefits of this new technology and if it can finally give blind travelers equal access to transit and public buildings, as required by the ADA.

For Those Few Hours, I Felt Free, by Jeane Adamson
For me there was a different magic in the power of talking signs, it changed the public's perception of me from pity to respect.

Legal Precedents & Foundations
The individual who considers himself injured has a right to resort to the laws of his country for a remedy. -- Chief Justice John Marshall, Marbury vs. Madison (February 24, 1803)

Anecdotal Evidence
So what's there to discuss? Signage is a right, not a privilege...

Others in Arms
links to other audible signage initiatives
This page is not affiliated in any way with the corporate entity known as Talking Signs, Inc.. The United Blind Advocates of Talking Signs, UBATS, is a loose association of individuals who are working, formally and informally, to assert our right to accessible signage by: educating the blind/low vision community about RIAS; advocating that Talking Signs be accorded the same priority that is accorded iconic/visual signage; and agitating for the immediate installation of a technology which, for 25 years has consistently proved to be the most advantageous, revolutionary, and liberating way-finding technology yet devised. In short, we wish not only to become regular, or even heavy, users of Talking Sign technology--we want to be addicts. Please send comments, corrections, testimonials, complaints, and court notices to <webmaster@ubats.org>

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